Eruvaka Floating Buoy measures in real time the water parameters that are crucial for shrimp growth and survival. Real time data is uploaded to cloud and it helps farmers to take quick decisions for shrimp growth and survival. It's peace for farmers and comfort for shrimp.

  • Using our mobile app farmers can monitor their pond data from smartphone.
  • When water quality drops, Real time voice alert to farmers mobile, reduces the risk of shrimp mortality.
  • Intelligent algorithms control the aerators automatically based on DO levels, it reduces power bills for farmers.
  • Our cloud analytics platform suggests farmers to adjust the feed based on water quality data, it helps them to get better FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio).

Technical Specification

Sensors & Measuring range

  • DO Range (0-20 mg/L)
  • pH Range (0-14 pH)
  • Temperature Range (0-50°C)

Wireless connectivity



  • Battery (12 V, 5 Ah)
  • Solar Panel (12 W)

User interface

  • SMS, Voice Call
  • Eruvaka Android App
  • Eruvaka Web App